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Case Study: Retirement

Client wanted to find out whether they could afford to retire at age 60 on a net income of £85,000 a year.

Financial Planning Action

By looking at the clients total wealth in terms of cash accounts, ISAs, pensions, offshore bonds and other investments, we were able to construct a cash flow analysis based on very conservative assumptions but not only indicated to the client that they could achieve their net income expectations at age 60 but in fact had excess income over their expectations.  This enabled us to work on an inheritance tax planning exercise whereby we were able to give money away without impacting on the clients income requirements and capital requirements.

Client Issue

Client was a member of a Final Salary Pension Scheme with a very large transfer value but divorced with no partner.  Client wanted to ensure that his two children would benefit from his pension arrangements after his death.

Financial Planning Solution

We were able to arrange a transfer value from the Final Salary Pension Scheme into a Self Invested Personal Pension Plan in the client’s name which met his income requirements while he was alive.  When he died his two children were able to benefit from a significant lump sum that would not have been available under the Final Salary Pension Scheme.


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